Walking Meditation, ADHD Brain

Walking Meditation, ADHD Brain

Walking meditation works well for me. Having ADHD has challenged my efforts at meditation. It’s hard for me to sit still and even harder to still my thoughts. But, if I walk quickly, putting my body on automatic pilot, my mind “zones out” of daily troubles and my scattered jumpy-ADHD-brain settles down to a place where mindfulness can slip in. I take joy in smells, sights and birdsong. I can be mindful of all around me.

Walking Colorado

Getting up to Colorado and out of Texas for the summer is a dream come true. Walking in Colorado in the cool morning temperatures brings meditation into a firm gratitude zone. Not far from where my little RV is parked is Vallecito Lake.

Walking Vallecito Dam

Walking alongside the Vallecito Dam offers lovely scenery. The San Juan Forest borders one side of the road, but doesn’t start for several yards. Those yards are filled with wild grasses that sway with the wind. 

Wild Grasses, Wild Winds

There are many different types of wild grasses, each one beautiful in its own way, much like people. I ponder about how our lives are spent.




Some times we must learn to “go with the flow” swaying with gentle winds breezing through our lives.




Some times the wild grass has spiked out when the seed is ready to take flight. I’ve had spiky times when wild winds have roared through my life, plucking away everything that feels safe and throwing it out to the ground. It’s taken me years to realize that those painful life lessons took root, grew into empathy for others, and I am a better person for it.

When there is so much beauty around me, it’s easier to meditate on all the flowing and spiky bits of life.

Lake Vallecito

Walking across the dam of Vallecito Lake reveals the full scope of the cold water lake.

After walking back toward the direction I started (except across the top of the dam), I discovered a trail alongside the body of water.

This trail offers opportunities to go down to the water level. Swimming is allowed but the water is around 60 degrees Fahrenheit on the surface. If any of your limbs go below the surface of the water they will freeze and fall off.

Kind-of a gruesome thing to be meditating on, but it does keep me from jumping in the beautiful clear waters of Vallecito Lake.

There are benches placed along the trail if you want to rest a bit, or you can just perch on a large rock to “sit a spell” and take the obligatory selfie.


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