Feisty Old Woman, Homer, Alaska

Old Body, Feisty Attitude

I may be a feisty old woman, but I get to choose which of those adjectives applies to any given life situation. Mornings are when the “old” shows up, and makes its voice heard loud and clear, so leaving Denali was a slow careful process.  A 64 year old body with osteoarthritis needs encouragement just to get up and moving. Once my feisty attitude overcomes my chronological age, the daily adventure can begin. Driving South on Alaska Highway-1 the scenery did not disappoint.

Airbnb, Hostels, Servas

Myra’s bed and breakfast (https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/6661014) was not expecting me until the next afternoon, so I had plenty of time enjoying the 458 miles of scenery between Denali National Park and Homer. If you like to engage with locals and get inside tips on places to go and things to see, then staying at Airbnb’s, hostels, or with Servas host is a good way to travel. You can usually book online the day before. Usually just searching for hostels in where-ever-you-are-going-to-be will get results. Here’s the Airbnb website: https://www.airbnb.com/ and here’s the Servas website: https://www.servas.org/ which I was a member of for years.

RV Parks in Alaska

As mentioned in the first three installments of this series, RV Parks are very easy to find. Alaska was no exception. I stopped in Sterling at an RV Park located right off the highway. It had a wonderful private shower with very hot water. Laundry facilities were located in the same building. People have been traveling since the dawn of time. There will always be someplace that offers a room, a meal, a drink, and, if you’re lucky, a travelers story to laugh at, or learn something from.

Homer Alaska

Arriving in Homer before check-in time gave me the opportunity to drive around a bit. This city, located on the southern end of the Kenai Peninsula is easy to navigate. Homer has had its ups-and-downs since the 1890’s when coal was discovered, but it holds steady now at a little over 5,000 people. Homer Pennock, a gold-mining promoter, tried to make gold mining profitable. The town took his name, but never did profit from gold mining.

Homer Tourist Center

The Homer Tourist Center is well staffed with friendly and knowledgeable folks. I picked up a guide and got directions to St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church. You can download the guide here…www.visithomer.org.

Travelers can find a plethora of information at the Tourist Center on restaurants, bars, shopping, art museums and plenty of outdoor activities. Here’s a photo of a definite eye catching shop in the central part of town:

St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church

The service focused on loving and respecting the LGBT community, which is something I wholeheartedly agree with. There are approximately 16 different churches to provide spiritual sustenance for many different denominations, or you could just walk outside and worship Mother Nature.



The People in Homer, whether or not they are sitting in church, have a wonderful view of five different glaciers, numerous bays, coves and Lagoons. I really enjoyed walking along Kachemak Bay and looking at drift wood.

Large rocks have been left on the beach by Wizards that once roamed the land. Yes, it’s true. Alaska is filled with magic.


Twice I paid for a “Whale Watching” trip. Once when I was in Friday Harbor, Washington and once when I was visiting my son when he lived in Los Angeles. I did not see whales. When I was in Homer, Alaska not only did I see whales, but I went Salmon fishing, saw Puffins sporting their bright orange feet and beak, giggled at Otters frolicking in the ice cold water, and was lucky enough to be there for a local parade. Here’s my video of finally getting to see a whale…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4baz3f5qLU&feature=youtu.be

If you are planning on a trip to Alaska, I would strongly suggest a visit to Homer. If you’ve downloaded the Visitors guide, you will have several pages listing resources for your convenience.


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