How many over 60 solo women do you know that drive from Texas to Alaska? Suzan has been called a “Feisty Old Woman” and this is her website to encourage, teach and promote anyone to get out and explore the world. Suzan has been to 49 states here in the USA and traveled across Europe, and parts of Asia and Africa. Living within a small budget and interacting with diverse and engaging people taught Suzan valuable lessons about safe solo travel, cultural diversity, and the mechanics of getting on the right train. Suzan taught English in the Republic of Georgia and travel classes for Hostelling International for 8 years. She looks forward to giving one of her informative and entertaining presentations to your organization. Suzan is the author of a historical romance novel “The Descending Dove” and the humorous travel memoir “Rolling Toward Home.”

Her website is mostly about travel, but she says, “Feisty Old Women can write about whatever they want to!”

To find her books, please click here.

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